Mourning Warhammer Fantasy

I want to start this piece with an apology to you all as I realise that I am seriously late to the party in discussing this topic, which I now know came to prominence all the way back in 2015.

The combination of leaving university and entering full-time graduate employment meant that Warhammer of all kinds was, for me, completely neglected. Beyond the occasional wistful glances at my Vampire Counts army and army book, my interaction with Games Workshop became close to absolute zero.

It was with some sadness that I discovered a few weeks ago, when I decided to look on the website to see if there had been any bad-ass new releases for the High Elves, that Warhammer Fantasy had been completely dropped by Games Workshop.

For a while I thought there must have been some error on the website or that I had accidentally logged on to Games Workshop Sweden by mistake. Eventually the truth sank in. The franchise that I have loved since I was 12 was gone. I have already mentioned that I had largely stopped collecting (and completely stopped playing) but I had always imagined revisiting Warhammer Fantasy within the next few years when finances became a bit more stable and I (hopefully) have a bigger place to live with room for a hobby station.

It was disappointing in the extreme to find out that this was no longer going to be possible. It was also disappointing that Games Workshop had decided to turn their backs on dedicated hobbyists who had patiently built up fantasy armies across the decades. Of course, GW is a business, and sales of fantasy may not have been enough to bring in a health margin for the company. That being said, I am sure that long term collectors may have preferred alternative options to be explored before pulling the plug altogether, perhaps cutting back on costs elsewhere in the company (do the video games make that much money, and I heard something about a movie?)

Yes, fantasy may live on with hobbyists arranging their own tournaments and bringing like-minded individuals together. Inevitably though this will die away in time (and what happens when your Mortis Engine gets eaten by the cat/stepped on/destroyed by a toddler?) rendering your collection virtually useless.

Let’s be honest, Warhammer of any kind is not cheap many people will have spent an awful lot over the years loyally buying army books and rule books for every new edition and adding ever more units to their armies. This seems like a bit of a kick in the teeth and I would not be surprised to discover that people were angered upon receiving the news. I know I was. I never did get around to buying those Blood Knights or a Varghulf or the very lovely Phoenix Guard models. I suppose now I never will.






As you can see, the last few models of this Zombie unit have been finished off bringing their strength up to twenty. I now only have two projects to finish: the Mortis Engine and the Grave Guard. The Mortis Engine will have to wait until I can get the right paints, but what of the Grave Guard? Simply put, I hate them. Don’t get me wrong, the models look great and they are a useful unit, but the models themselves are badly designed. The contact areas for the parts are tiny, so the models are incredibly brittle. I have now finished that unit three times because they break so easily, which makes them tough to paint as well as being tough to put together.

Anyway, rant over. But where to go from here? I feel that my army needs more but I can’t decide what is needed next. What do you think? Drop me a comment and let me know what you think should go in the list below:


1 Vampire

1 Necromancer (can be lord or hero depending on points size)

3 units of 20 Skeleton Warriors

20 Zombies

20 Grave Guard

5 Black Knights

5 Hexwraiths

1 Corpsecart

3 Spirit Hosts

1 Black Coach

1 Tomb Banshee

Mortis Engine (incomplete)


Let me know what you think!

Bringer of Pestilence and Fear!



As you can see I have managed to finish off painting my Corpse Cart with the Balefire upgrade. In battles over 1500pts I’m considering using it as a mount for my necromancer to afford him some measure of protection and to improve his mobility. The extra movement will allow the necromancer to move to behind the battle lines to where augmentation magic or a good old Invocation of Nehek is needed to bolster the lines (which is often, undead are not great fighters generally speaking.) Undead units also benefit from proximity to the unit when augment spells are successfully cast upon it. 




Hopefully my erstwhile Grave Guard will be completed soon. Thanks for reading!

Undead Assemble!


After a renewed effort to try and get my Vampire Counts army all rounded off nicely I thought I would share some photos of my latest work: Hexwraiths and Black Knights.




Despite the small number of Hexwraiths I have high hopes for this unit. The prospect of cackling, ethereal, implacable, cavalry is entertaining anyway (and narratively pleasing) but their ability to pass through enemy units dealing a S5 hit for each Hexwraith in the unit without having to charge or engage in combat will hopefully be tactically useful. Add this to the fact that all hits from this unit ignore armour saves and we have a real potential for destruction. If they can avoid those pesky wizards obviously. Given the way that unstable units take wounds after being defeated in combat, large units of infantry are also best avoided. Hexwraiths will be useful for chasing down lone characters, monsters, monstrous infantry/cavalry, knights, chariots and war machines making them fairly versatile.




As you can see I had some difficulty deciding over Hexwraiths or Black Knights after purchasing the first box and so did the only sensible thing and bought both. So far the unit numbers only 5 and so will form the bodyguard for my Vampire until I can afford more Knights.




Thanks for reading my first Warhammer post, I’m hoping to be able post more in the next few days.