From the content of my posts so far its fairly clear already what a large amount of my ‘about me’ section will contain, however, for neatness here’s a brief summary. Among my major likes are gaming, particularly Nintendo products and, increasingly, retro games. I love RPG’s in particular but also have a soft spot for platform adventure games and most things which contain blasting zombies in some capacity. I consider the N64 to be the pinnacle of gaming achievement but have kept upgrading over the years dabbling in Gamecube, Wii and Xbox 360. I still have a love for Pokemon which is one of the best and most enduring gaming franchises ever created. Apart from gaming I also love books (mostly Terry Pratchett, but a host of other authors as well), films, and Warhammer. And, as my blog name suggests, I am one of those people who thinks that the inverse look function on games just makes absolute sense.

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One response to “About

  1. Cool blog. Look forward to reading ore of your stuff and seeing what else you have to say about my favourite game company Nintendo!

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