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Time to face the music…

As winter draws in and the nights become darker, I think the time has finally come for a long overdue explanation to be given.

Some of you may (or may not) have noticed that the frequency of my posts has completely ground to a halt over the last few months, and I feel that I should explain why. There are two main reasons for this post drought. First of all, my laptop died about four months ago and I have not had the funds to replace it until now, and I could not bring myself to write anything on my phone. Second of all, mid-way through June of this year, I started my first full time graduate job.

Naturally, this has taken up all of my free time and has made me a somewhat jaded individual who spends most of his time grumpy about work.

However, today I bought a new laptop and with it has come a renewed sense of interest in writing. Therefore I hope to bring more posts to the blog in the coming months, particularly after the Christmas break when I hope to get a raft of new (and old) games.

So basically, sorry for the lack of posts, but watch this space!


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