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Pokemon International Tournament!


All Pokémon have been returned to their Pokeballs, 3DS’ across the world have been laid down (or smashed in rage this IS Pokémon after all) signifying the end to the May International Pokémon VGC tournament. Now that the dust has settled its time to tally up how I did and comment on some of the highlights. For those of you unfamiliar with the international events, essentially the competition is spread over 3 days, each player being allowed a totally of 20 games each day to a maximum of 60 overall. The top 128 in the competition receive championship points which contribute to an invitation to the world championship. Before I go into the scores and results here is the team that I used for the tournament:


Venusaur (Mega)

Moves: Sludge Bomb, Giga Drain, Leech Seed, Protect.

Nature: Modest.

EVs: 200 Defence, 200 Special Defence, 100 Special Attack, 8 Speed.


Rotom Heat

Moves: Overheat, Thunderbolt, Will-O-Wisp, Protect.

Nature: Sassy.

EVs: 200 Defence, 200 Special Defence, 100 Special Attack, 8 Speed.



Moves: Dragon Claw, Earthquake, Rock Slide, Protect.

Nature: Jolly.

EVs: 252 attack, 252 Speed, 4 Defence.



Moves: Fake Out, Crunch, Drain Punch, Detect.

Nature: Adamant.

EVs 252 Attack, 50 Speed, 206 Defence.



Moves: Waterfall, Ice Fang, Dragon Dance, Protect.

Nature: Adamant.

EVs 100 Attack, 200 Defence, 208 Special Defence.



Moves: Shadow Ball, Flash Cannon, Substitute, King’s Shield.

Nature: Relaxed

EVs 200 Special Defence, 154 Special Defence, 154 Defence.


Day One:

It was with some nervousness that I sat down to my first battle of the tournament, fearing that an initial loss would set the tone for the whole competition. Happily, the game was won pretty comfortably thanks to the bulk of Mega Venusaur. Due to time commitments I could only do 11 out of the 20 games for that day. However, it would seem that I could do no wrong, finishing the day with a record of 10 wins and 1 loss, putting my points at 1620 (everyone starts at 1500.)


Day Two:

The first game of the day saw a close defeat, the first indication that the competition had become a lot more difficult after the first day. I battled 14 battles that day but failed to open up much of a lead, pretty much alternating between wins and losses for the whole day. By the end of the day I had completed 25 battles overall, and my score rested at 18 wins and 7 losses, leaving my score almost unchanged from the previous day. Notably, one of the last battles of the day was against a Poketuber called Wolfey who created the Eggy Emporium Pokémon forum. This was a terrible defeat for me as he seemed to anticipate all the plays I was going to make before I had even decided to make them. Nevertheless, a great battle and a harsh lesson in how far my battling has still to come.

Day Three:

This was a day with huge ups and downs, with some great wins in the morning followed by a string of bad defeats in the afternoon. One memorable loss was against a hugely original Ice based team featuring Rotom Frost and mega Abomasnow. My own Rotom’s lack of speed let me down in this instance, leading my team to succumb to blizzard after blizzard. A galling loss, mitigated somewhat by the uniqueness of his team. I battled 17 battles that day bringing my total up to 42, with an overall score for the competition of 26 wins and 16 losses and a rating of 1629. The highest score I achieved in the competition was 1690 and potentially I should have called it a day at that point.



There are a few observations that I would take forward to any future tournaments. First of all, battle all the battles available, particularly on the first day. Most of the casual, non-committed players will drop out after the first day, so play as many as possible on the first day. By the second day only skilled trainers will be left. Second, stop battling and take a break after one or two losses in a row. Taking a break and stepping back a bit for a while really is the best thing to do after a few losses, particularly if you feel that luck has really been against you or your opponent has been using a particularly douchey strategy.

This weekend I’ll be battling in the UK national championships hopefully I will have better results to announce! If you have a copy of X or Y then here are a few battle codes from the competition. As always if you want to battle let me know!


L6KW-WWWW-WWW7-E7HT (This was the closest battle in the universe.)




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