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Top 5 Most Annoying Doubles Pokemon


So, as readers of my most recent blog posts will know, I have recently taken up competitive Pokemon battling, more specifically, competitive doubles battles. This has gone fairly well; I’ve battled my way through the battle spot to become rated in the top 20 in the UK. Those of you who would point out that this may be down to the UK only having 20 competitive players may have a point, but either way its going well. However, one thing that has become apparent is that there are some Pokemon which are so overused or annoying that their mere appearance in a battle is enough to send your blood pressure through the roof. Now, don’t get me wrong, these Pokemon do have their counters, but often they are so limited or specific that if that option has become unavailable for whatever reason, they can become a nightmare to deal with.

5. Landorus
I’ve picked on Landorus here, but really any of the three genie Pokemon could feature in this spot. With good speed and attack power, decent defences and intimidate ability, this Pokemon can hit hard and severely reduce your Pokemon’s attacking capability. This in itself is not a huge problem, but often these Pokemon run the Choice Scarf item which hugely increases the speed of the Pokemon. Given the good base speed it becomes very hard to outspeed this Pokemon. You are then guaranteed to endure rockslide after rockslide to huge damage with a pretty high chance of being flinched and being unable to attack back. This can shut down a battle very quickly if you are caught unprepared. Sadly, this Pokemon is also everywhere, so your chances of running into it are pretty high.


4. Smeargle
This is one of the most bland and uninspiring Pokemon that I have encountered in a while. Unfortunately it is also used pretty frequently. It can learn any Pokemon move that isn’t ghost type, but there is only one reason that anybody uses this Pokemon: Dark Void. This move puts both of the opponents Pokemon to sleep, rendering you absolutely helpless for anything up to three turns. Unless you have filled a slot with a Pokemon specifically designed to tackle this problem then your options can be pretty limited. Words cannot describe the rage of sitting there as both of your Pokemon sleep away taking an absolute battering. You can switch out of course but that Dark Void will be coming back with a vengeance. I don’t mind gimmicky play, but there is something offensive about it coming from a Pokemon as bland as Smeargle.


3. Darkrai
This Pokemon suffers from all the same problems as Smeargle only more so. Not only does this Pokemon know Dark Void, but it also has the ability Bad Dreams, which slowly damages all Pokemon who are asleep. Not only will your Pokemon be getting damaged every turn by other moves, but you will also slowly be leeched of health for all the time that sleep lasts. Oh, and Darkrai is tougher and more powerful than Smeargle in almost every way. Fun, eh?


2. Rotom Wash
Don’t get me wrong, I like most of the Rotom forms, particularly heat and mow. I also like Rotom wash. It is undeniably annoying though. It’s too useful. Its pretty bulky, has good special attack and is only weak to grass due to its levitate ability. Given the other popular Pokemon in doubles, it really is pretty hard to not take this Pokemon. As a result it really is everywhere. Be prepared.


1. Mega-Kangaskahn
Possibly one of the most over powered mega-evolutions, this Pokemon’s ability Parental Bond allow the Pokemon two attack twice each turn, with the second hit doing a third of the damage of the first hit. This is pretty powerful in itself, but where things get really crazy is that any move which has an effect will happen twice. For example, power-up punch will hit twice and increase attack by two stages. This is stupidly powerful as your next turn you will be able to get two attacks in with your already powerful attack raised by 2 stages. There are ways of taking this Pokemon down, but if you make even a single mistake its game over.


As always, if anyone wants to battle just drop your friend code into the comments section and we can set something up.


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