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Zoinks! Its a ghost!


It has readily become apparent to me, after playing through Pokemon X and Y and after examining all of the latest 6th generation Pokemon, that the ghost type has some of the best designed Pokemon in the entire game. Most types have at least a handful of great designs, but the ghost type is absolutely littered with them. This creates quite a problem for those formulating a new team with a desire of including one of these great designs. Which ghost Pokemon do you choose? You are literally spoiled for choice. In my more competitive team I opted for Aegislash (obviously) but this meant missing out on some great Pokemon. In light of this I decided to create a full on 6 Pokemon ghost type team.

Now, mono type teams are always risky for obvious reasons, but if you feel like putting one together then ghost is a pretty good choice. Weak only to dark and other ghost types the low type weakness ratio is a good start. However, dark type Pokemon attacks can be learned by a pretty large variety of Pokemon so beware on that front. However, I have tried to put a ghost type team together which could at least stand a chance against normal Pokemon teams, as competitive teams are a bit beyond a mono type team (usually.) Below I have listed my 6 choices along with their move sets and EVs (and the assumption of at least 4 perfect IVs) along with a reason for selection.

Mismagius (Ghost)

Ability: Levitate

EVs-  220 speed, 180 special attack, 100 defence.

Dazzling Gleam, Thunderbolt, Power Gem, Shadow Ball.

Types covered: Dragon, fighting, dark, water, flying, fire, bug, ice, ghost, psychic.

The choice for a pure ghost type Pokemon came down to a toss-up between this Pokemon and Dusknoir. This Pokemon is a mischievous ghost wizard with a cool hat and so earns a selection. With great speed and special attack, along with a large moveset, this Pokemon will make a great sweeper against a large variety of foes.


Trevenant (Ghost/Grass)

Ability: Natural Cure

EVs- 250 defence, 250 Special defence, remaining into attack.

Leech Seed, Horn Leech, Phantom Force, Rock Slide.

Types covered: Water, rock, ground, ghost, psychic, fire, ice, flying.

As I have mentioned in an earlier post, I love this Pokemon. It looks fantastic; an ent-like cursed tree which could have been taken from an awful horror film. Fulfilling a more defensive role, this Pokemon’s ability to use leech seed and horn leech to replenish health, coupled with higher defence and special defence stats means that this Pokemon will be more able to take hits. Phantom force allows Trevenant to replenish health whilst being out of harms reach and also offers a way to bypass and potential protects used by the opposition. A fair attack stat coupled with rock slide allow Trevenant to have a decent chance at taking out Pokemon which it is weak against. The potential for using a sitrus berry combined with the Harvest hidden ability offers further HP replenishing opportunities.


Chandelure: (Ghost/Fire)

Ability: Flame Body

EVs- 160 Special Attack, 250 Speed, 100 Special defence

Flamethrower,  Shadow Ball, Energy Ball, Will-O-Wisp.

Types covered: Grass, Steel, Ice, Ghost, Psychic, Water, Ground, Rock.

Another sweeper with good special attack and speed, this Pokemon has a varied moveset allowing it to take on a multitude of foes. Very few, if any, Pokemon will have a resistance to all of these attack types, and the status move and flame body offer huge potential for inflicting burns as a last ditch move when low on health.


Aegislash: (Ghost/Steel)

Ability: Stance Change

EVs- Defence 250, Special Defence, 250

Shadow Sneak, Sacred Sword, Sword Dance, King’s Shield.

Types covered: Ghost, Psychic, Rock, Steel, Dark, Ice, Normal.

A Pokemon worthy of any team, Aegislash was always going to feature on this ghostly line-up. Far more technical to use, this Pokemon offers huge potential. Extremely high special defence and defence offer protection for setting up a few sword dances which will allow Aegislash to take out all but the strongest Pokemon in one hit, aided by the stance change which switches attacking and defensive stats depending on the move used. Shadow sneak offers priority to guarantee first move except against moves with higher priority, and King’s shield offers a way of switching back into the defensive shield form and the potential to lower the opponents attack. If used right, this pokemon is to be feared.


Gengar: (Ghost/Poison)

Ability: Levitate

EV’s- Speed 200, Special Attack 200, Special Defence 100.

Shadow Ball, Dazzling Gleam, Sludge Bomb, Thunderbolt.

Types covered: Ghost, Psychic, Dark, Fighting, Dragon, Grass, Fairy, Water, Flying.

High speed and special defence coupled with a varied moveset make Gengar a great multi-purpose hitter able to take on a variety of foes. The potential for mega evolution with this Pokemon give it an edge in a potentially tight corner. Note that the mega form negates the levitate ability leaving it vulnerable to pesky earthquake users such as Garchomp.


Spiritomb: (Ghost/Dark)

Ability- Pressure

EVs- Special defence 200, Defence 200, Attack 100.

Shadow Sneak, Sucker Punch, Hypnosis, Toxic.

Types covered: Ghost, Psychic.

Decent defensive stats coupled with a grand total of one type weakness have made Spiritomb a more defensive selection. The toxic/hypnosis moves should help to cause some serious status problems, and the priority moves of both shadow sneak and sucker punch allow Spiritomb to mete out at lest some damage as well.


Do you agree or disagree with these selections? What type would you make a single type team out of? Let me know!


6 responses to “Zoinks! Its a ghost!

  1. Great post,
    I’m a massive fan of Ghost types, they have always been my favourite. I can’t complete a gen without having Gengar on my team, I’ve been using the same one since Gen 3! I’m yet to pick up X and Y, but when I do it will be good to see my long time poke-partner mega evolve!

    I think you should give Dusclops or Cofagrigus a shot, in the right hands they’re a beast!

    • I do like cofagrigus, such a cool design. What moves would you give it? You should definitely pick up a copy of X or Y, well worth it.

      • I always like putting him in as my physical wall, his defenses are insane! I usually run him with pain split – will o wisp – shadow ball. I’m always unsure what to whack in his fourth slot, Haze maybe? to counter the many many stat buffers.

      • Would that work to counter stockpiling and stored power?

      • that’s a good question… I can’t seem to find anything bulbapedia/serebii about it. I’ve never thought about that myself. I’m going to assume no but I think i’ll have to test it out.

      • I’ve seen some devastating examples of snorlax or chansey benefiting hugely from baton pass stat changes so an effective counter to that would be useful. Also useful against shuckle/ cradilly

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