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6th Generation Pokemon Design


Still brimming with enthusiasm for the newly released X and Y I have decided to have a closer consideration of the new 6th generation Pokémon. In total 69 Pokémon were released (so far) for this generation, the fewest number of new Pokémon with any new generation release. But are they any good? Well, on the whole, yes I think they are. The final evolutions of the starter Pokémon are all excellent, featuring a fire wizard, water ninja and a grass/fighting golem figure respectively. Obviously, it is crucial to have starter Pokémon full of personality and, uniqueness, but it is also important to have a strong roster of supporting Pokémon alongside them. With this in mind here are my top ten Pokémon designs from the 6th generation:


Aegislash:  Steel/Ghost Type

Joining the ranks of excellent looking ghost Pokémon is the sword Pokémon Aegislash and its prevolution Doublade. It’s a ghostly, floating sword and shield with a single staring eye. Switching between sword and shield stance this Pokémon is tactically very useful and looks sleek and deadly.


Dragalge: Dragon/Poison Type

Evoking memories of the awesome Kingdra, this Pokémon is of a similar design and then some. There are some excellent looking Dragon type Pokémon out there and Dragalge deserves to be counted among one of the better designs.


Aurorus: Rock/Ice Type

This resurrected fossil Pokémon is pretty awesome. Big, almost Loch Ness monster esque in its appearance, this Pokémon just looks perpetually cheerful looking and good natured. It also has sails on its head.


Tyrantrum: Dragon/Rock Type

Another resurrected fossil Pokémon, this Pokémon could not be more different Aurorus. Where that Pokémon looks cheerful this Pokémon looks permanently bad tempred. A T-Rex figure, this Pokémon brings to mind the terrifying dinosaurs from Jurassic Park. It is not hard to imagine this Pokémon hunting people across jungles and fields.


Goodra:  Dragon Type


Big, giant, purple dragon. Job done.

Trevenant Grass/Ghost

Not only does this Pokémon look scary and bad-ass but its Pokedex entry makes it sound like an Ent, and Ents are amazing. The size and ferocious looking nature of this Pokémon and its slightly ethereal looking appearance have made this a regular on my online team.


Gourgeist: Grass/Ghost Type

Another excellent ghost type, this Pokémon is made to look like a macabre, sinister, flaming Pokémon.


Yveltal: Dark/Flying Type

It was a hard choice picking between the two main legendaries in this game, but on balance the poised and dynamic look of this Pokémon just managed to edge it. Don’t get me wrong, this Pokémon is a pain to play against online and I refuse to use it, but it looks amazing.


Zygarde: Dragon/Ground Type

This Pokémon reminds me a bit of the serpent mages from Dark Souls and that in itself is enough to make this list.


Sylveon: Fairy Type

I like all of the previous Eevee evolutions, and this latest evolution doesn’t disappoint. It was one of the first fairy types to be confirmed and, I think, is one of the best!



Agree/disagree? Let me know! Happy Pokémon catching! If anyone wants to battle online then comment below and we can sort something out!


8 responses to “6th Generation Pokemon Design

  1. I’m loving pokemon Y so far. I agree with the majority of your choices. I’d also include Greninja myself. I have to say that Yveltal is really interesting to me. What makes it a pain to fight against?

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