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As you can see, the last few models of this Zombie unit have been finished off bringing their strength up to twenty. I now only have two projects to finish: the Mortis Engine and the Grave Guard. The Mortis Engine will have to wait until I can get the right paints, but what of the Grave Guard? Simply put, I hate them. Don’t get me wrong, the models look great and they are a useful unit, but the models themselves are badly designed. The contact areas for the parts are tiny, so the models are incredibly brittle. I have now finished that unit three times because they break so easily, which makes them tough to paint as well as being tough to put together.

Anyway, rant over. But where to go from here? I feel that my army needs more but I can’t decide what is needed next. What do you think? Drop me a comment and let me know what you think should go in the list below:


1 Vampire

1 Necromancer (can be lord or hero depending on points size)

3 units of 20 Skeleton Warriors

20 Zombies

20 Grave Guard

5 Black Knights

5 Hexwraiths

1 Corpsecart

3 Spirit Hosts

1 Black Coach

1 Tomb Banshee

Mortis Engine (incomplete)


Let me know what you think!


4 responses to “Zombies!

  1. Well, I think you have very solid list there. I’m not sure about all those small units. How is your local meta? In my experience, people often go for bigger blocks, so those Grave Guard, Black Knights and especially the Skeletons will get steamrolled before they do much good. Which points level do you usually/plan to play at?

    • 2000pts will most likely be the size of the games. I decided to get 20 more skeletons and make them 2 units of 40 each and probably put an extra vampire with one of them. I would get more Grave Guard to beef up that unit but I seriously can’t face putting them together, the models are so brittle. I usually have my Vampire with the Knights but I agree that they need to be at least a unit of 9.

      • With Grave Guard, I think it’s extra important to use plastic glue instead of super glue. I used that and didn’t have any problems with them. If the plastic itself is brittke, you should maybe get a replacement from your local GW/LGS?

        Depending on whether you are going to play hard lists, I’d suggest only using a minimum of your points on core (500 pts.) because our core sucks.

        I haven’t tried Black Knights yet, but I’ve played 2000 pts. so far, and my list looked like this:

        Lvl 3 Vamp Lord
        Wight King BSB
        Lvl 2 Necro
        40 Grave Guard w. GW and Banner of the Barrows. These can take on almost anything if you bring your Vamp Lord.
        50 skellies, some dogs and a couple of small zombie bunkers.

        Because our core troops are so bad, I’ve concentrated them in one big ol’ block of skellies. They’ve survived in combat for a lot of turns, which is about all you can expect of them. Send the Grave Guard (or Black Knights) after what you want to kill, and your killy-choppy unit will win the game for you.

  2. Azazel ⋅

    Well done on getting the unit painted. I can’t really help you for WBF army advice unfortunately, since I no longer play WFB. Do you have any army shots?

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