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Bringer of Pestilence and Fear!



As you can see I have managed to finish off painting my Corpse Cart with the Balefire upgrade. In battles over 1500pts I’m considering using it as a mount for my necromancer to afford him some measure of protection and to improve his mobility. The extra movement will allow the necromancer to move to behind the battle lines to where augmentation magic or a good old Invocation of Nehek is needed to bolster the lines (which is often, undead are not great fighters generally speaking.) Undead units also benefit from proximity to the unit when augment spells are successfully cast upon it. 




Hopefully my erstwhile Grave Guard will be completed soon. Thanks for reading!


7 responses to “Bringer of Pestilence and Fear!

  1. I love that model! Really should get around to finishing my own. Do you have any thoughts on basing?

    • As an undercoat you mean? I didn’t really use one because the colours on the model vary so much. If you haven’t already built it I would definitely recommend painting this in stages otherwise it can get a bit fiddly to reach all the bits. I have high hopes for this unit but I can see it being one of those things that will get taken out by a cannon immediately.

      • You didn’t undercoat it? You really should consider doing that. Makes application of paint so much easier.
        No I meant as in the base the model stands on. A base that large means you can do a lot of cool stuff on it.

        I’m sure you’ll have more important targets for the enemy’s cannons. But it’s probably a bit risky placing you Vamp. Lord on it, since you can’t join other units. Better stick him in a unit of Knights or some footsloggers, and leave the Corpse Cart behind your lines to buff your stuff(tm).

        And yeah, I noticed how much stuff there is on that model. Normally, I assemble before painting, but with all this Fantasy stuff, it’s really impossible to paint it decently without waiting for assembly.

  2. James Chalmers ⋅

    Looks good, I’m thinking of starting a Vampire Counts army in the new year. What are the models like?

    • They are all really good in this edition actually, apart from the grave guard unit which are a total pain to put together. The black knight and hexwraith models look amazing as do the monstrous infantry and creatures that they have. Do you have other armies already?

      • James Chalmers ⋅

        Cool, think I’ll wait for end of year bonus and treat myself. Well only been playing since July this year but already got a huge Ogre Kingdom army and recently an Empire army.

      • Undead are a pretty big change from the Ogre style of play, be prepared to deal with plenty of low toughness, low strength and low initiative models lol. I’ve always been keen to give Ogres a go.

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