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Today I’m going to depart from my usual musings about gaming to talk a little bit about the latest film that I got my hands on. I was thoughtfully given a DVD of Disney’s Wreck-it-Ralph for my birthday a few weeks ago. Before I go into detail about this film, let me just confess that I love Disney films from across all era’s. They are always beautifully drawn/animated and are funny feel good films. Some of Disney’s latest efforts in the form of Tangled and Brave have been their best yet. Happily, Wreck-it-Ralph is continuing this streak of hits. The basic premise of the film is that Ralph is a bad guy in a Fix It Felix Jr arcade game who gets tired of being hated in his game for being the bad guy and who abandons his game to prove himself a hero in another game so that his fellow game characters will accept him. The idea of creating a story exploring the lives of characters in an arcade complex is genius, a really interesting concept to work with. Gamers, particularly those who have played games since the early arcades opened, will love this film. The film is littered with hilarious jokes and references to games from across the ages and features many classic gaming icons and characters throughout. Even those not normally inclined to enjoying animated films may find themselves enjoying this one. Gaming references aside, the rest of the film is also of high quality. The animation is extremely beautiful throughout and certainly seems to be the best the Disney can create at the moment with excellent character design and landscaping. The interior of the Sugar Rush game in particular looks astonishingly good and is worth watching for just as a work of art. The music in the film is very good with a strong retro-games feeling to it in most places. The storyline is innovative and entertaining throughout and consistently delivers laughs throughout. Overall I think that this film is a great effort from Disney a really interesting concept delivered exceptionally well. Any gaming fans would do well to give this film a go.  


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