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Undead Assemble!


After a renewed effort to try and get my Vampire Counts army all rounded off nicely I thought I would share some photos of my latest work: Hexwraiths and Black Knights.




Despite the small number of Hexwraiths I have high hopes for this unit. The prospect of cackling, ethereal, implacable, cavalry is entertaining anyway (and narratively pleasing) but their ability to pass through enemy units dealing a S5 hit for each Hexwraith in the unit without having to charge or engage in combat will hopefully be tactically useful. Add this to the fact that all hits from this unit ignore armour saves and we have a real potential for destruction. If they can avoid those pesky wizards obviously. Given the way that unstable units take wounds after being defeated in combat, large units of infantry are also best avoided. Hexwraiths will be useful for chasing down lone characters, monsters, monstrous infantry/cavalry, knights, chariots and war machines making them fairly versatile.




As you can see I had some difficulty deciding over Hexwraiths or Black Knights after purchasing the first box and so did the only sensible thing and bought both. So far the unit numbers only 5 and so will form the bodyguard for my Vampire until I can afford more Knights.




Thanks for reading my first Warhammer post, I’m hoping to be able post more in the next few days.


5 responses to “Undead Assemble!

  1. Very cool. Be careful with the Hexwraiths. They’re pretty slow unless you can keep them inside the Vamp Lord’s march bubble, so the drive-by attack is apparently hard to pull off.

  2. Looks good. I look forward to seeing future posts about the army.

  3. Very nice! I’ve only played against VC once (in an 800 pt tourney), but my opponent brought hex wraith knights, which were hard for me to deal with, since I had no spellcasters/magic items. The only reason I survived was by charging my most defensive unit at them, winning combat res and then defending until I could flank with another unit.

  4. Azazel ⋅

    Nice work. I just ordered a box of each for my upcoming undead horde. Now I need to see if I can find some cheap undead horses so I can squeeze 10 models out of each kit…

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