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The Evil Within: The New Resident Evil?

ImageContinuing on from my last halloween inspired horror-related post I will now move from past horror to future horror in the form of a game due to be released in 2014 but which, frankly, can’t come soon enough. For those, like me, who have been desperate for the Resident Evil franchise to return to its zombie infested survival horror roots then our prayers may have been answered in the form of The Evil Within. Obviously, this is not a Resident Evil game. It is however, shaping up to be a great looking survival horror game. Trailers and game-play videos seem to suggest that this game possesses all the necessary attributes to make us fall in love with the survival horror genre all over again. It seems to combine many qualities from Resident Evil 1 and 4: including over the shoulder action viewpoint, various quick time event actions, limited weapons and ammo and that overwhelming feeling that it is just you, alone, against a terrible and nameless enemy. Comparisons to Resident Evil 4 does no disservice to the game, after all it is one of the best video games of the last 10 years. The game opens with the wounded protagonist trying to escape from a grisly and macabre looking asylum or hospital chased by an enormous figure wielding a chainsaw. The tense run through the level, being chased by a seemingly unbeatable foe, immediately put me in mind of the tense moments of trying to escape Salazar’s right hand or the Nemesis through the chaos of Raccoon City. So far so good. The character design in the game looks stunning, particularly the various bosses which have been revealed so far. The game apparently draws from many horror tropes found in other horror games and films so horror fans should find plenty of things to enjoy in the game. The audio effects and music of the game seem to be first rate and fully capable of creating an atmosphere of crippling fear within moments of the opening sequence. Unfortunately the videos released so far predominantly feature FMV sequences so it is unclear to see how smooth the game-play will be with any degree of certainty. However, survival horror fans should be hopeful that another first class title may be being released in the not so distant future. The Evil Within definitely seems to have promise, particularly seeing as though Shinji Mikami, the driving force behind Resident Evil 1 and 2 is at the helm.

Check out the video below to get an idea of the game-play and visuals!




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