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Nintendo- Shadow of the Eternals: Supporting Small Games Producers

Eternal Darkness, for me, remains one of the best survival games that has ever been made. The engaging story line, amazing sanity effects (these really can’t be praised enough), innovative magic system and first class audio effects combined to make this a truly great title. I was always, therefore, slightly disappointed that a sequel was never released. A sequel would hopefully retain all the excellent elements of the game, but would also iron out a few of the niggles present in the combat system. I was initially pleased to hear that a developer called Precursor were planning on creating a spiritual successor to the game called SImagehadow of the Eternals. Unfortunately, the company did not manage to raise the necessary start-up funds to begin producing the game. This has prompted some criticism to be thrown at Nintendo from the fans. Why not simply give Precursor the money to begin developing the game that so many fans want and have waited for a long time? Why not show the industry that Nintendo has faith in, and is willing to work with, smaller producers working on quality games? The reality is that the situation is not that simple. First of all, Precursor were not planning on making the game a Nintendo exclusive. Nintendo may be reluctant to give up exclusivity on a game which was so highly regarded both by critics and fans, let alone give start-up money for a title which would appear on other systems. Nintendo are also probably wary of the dangers of investing in games which are promised to be successors to well-loved titles if they are being developed by out of house developers. The unfortunate fact is that just because fans seem eager for a title to be developed does not necessarily mean that it will be well received or of a good quality. I for one would want the story of an Eternal Darkness to be pretty much perfect before the game is made. I think we can all think of games that perhaps should have been left to lie rather than being made in response to perceived public want. Banjo- Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts spring to mind immediately. Bad Rare! You leave Banjo alone! Nintendo will therefore only act if they are sure that the game is going to be of high quality rather than risk sullying a franchise just for the sake of bringing out another game which attempts to tap into nostalgia. Of course, all this does not mean that Nintendo does not support smaller games producers and Indie developers. The composition of the WiiU has been made so that it is easier for developers to create games for its system and most ports only need a few modifications to be easily playable on the system. Jumping back to Shadow of the Eternals, Nintendo must have their reasons for not investing in the game already. This may change in the future if Nintendo are satisfied that standards of quality will be maintained and the exclusivity assured. If Precursor can get the story right and retain a lot of the atmosphere from the first game I would be hugely excited for the game to be made. Hopefully we will find out more on this in the near future.


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