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The Console Wars- We All Lose

Each morning I sit down at my desk and before I begin work I check wordpress and read all the interesting articles which have been posted overnight. This is a recently acquired morning routine but one which I have nevertheless come to really enjoy. There is, however, an unfortunate downside to this pleasant pastime: the article comments section. Obviously this needs to exist as a forum for interesting discussion. I like commenting on articles where I feel that I have something to add/contribute. Unfortunately, too often the comments section of many articles are clogged up by pointless debates over which is the ‘best’ games company, or how people who buy such and such a platform are idiots or losers. Passion for a console or product or company is one thing; but what you usually encounter is vitriolic, venomous rubbish that is usually based on nothing at all. This seems to be a by-product of the ‘console wars;’ that struggle that new consoles go through every five years to try and gain supremacy in the entertainment market. Despite this, I just can’t comprehend how people can feel the need to re-enact this battle over the internet, going out of their way to try and ‘prove’ that their console is best and trying to make other feel small. The sad truth is that I can remember conversations such as these being reiterated over and over again in a very similar way since the Gamecube/PS2/Xbox era and, in all probability, even before that. The only time that I have ever felt the need to defend my console choice was when I was the proud owner of a new Gamecube. Owning a Gamecube in my school was seen as pretty uncool, and therefore I felt a strong urge to have to justify my choice of consoles. Being a Nintendo fan opened you up to accusations of being childish and a nerd; and I could never really understand why this should be the case. But that was when I was really just a child, and that’s what console bashing really is; childish. Now, Nintendo is my favourite games company, they make the kind of games that I want to play. Equally, I recognise that Sony and Microsoft offer different gaming experiences that many may prefer and, indeed, do have games which I also want to play. Therefore, for me, it’s not a case of who is the best games company; it’s who makes the games that I want to play? People should by all means be able to express tImageheir gaming preferences and extol the virtues of their favourite gaming company, there is just no need for the ridiculous abusive arguments which we sadly seem to be unable to get away from. Perhaps people feel that unless their console ‘wins’ the console war then they may follow the same fate as SEGA’s ill-fated Dreamcast. If so, this is baseless. If we take Nintendo as an example, the WiiU may be outsold by both of its rivals, but it will always make enough money on its outstanding titles to move on to the next innovative project. And, of course, the giants of Microsoft and Sony, bolstered as they are by other areas of their companies are not going to fade away. Hopefully we will see comment abuse fade away when people start to realise this; but I doubt it.


2 responses to “The Console Wars- We All Lose

  1. Great article! As someone of an age to remember arguing about the merits of the SNES vs. the Genesis in the school cafeteria, I can tell you console war arguments will always happen, and they will always be silly- people should play games, not argue about them!

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