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Top Ten N64 Games- A Shameless Indulgence



Since starting this blog a few months ago I’ve tried extremely hard to avoid doing a top ten N64 games post. I thought it to be the type of post which has been done a million times before and is shamefully self-indulgent. However, curiosity has overcome my reservations. I am very interested to find out whether people will agree or disagree with the choices that I have made or will think me a total lunatic for not including their favourite title on the list. Please look over my list and comment if you agree or disagree with the titles listed below.

  1. Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask
  2. Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time
  3. Goldeneye/Perfect Dark
  4. Banjo-Tooie
  5. Super Mario 64
  6. Donkey Kong 64
  7. MarioKart 64
  8. Snowboard Kids
  9. Jet Force Gemini
  10. Super Smash Brothers.


The thing that I find most interesting about lists of top ten N64 games is that all of them are 5 star games. For the time (and to some extent even by standards of gaming today) they are all very high quality games indeed; and the reality is that there are a host of other games which could just as easily have made the list which are of an equally high calibre. Off the top of my head Pokémon Stadium, Turok 2, Paper Mario and Lylat Wars could arguably be on anyone’s top ten list. The staggeringly long list of AAA titles is pretty impressive considering that many consider the N64 to be a bit of a flop. For the record, choosing which Zelda title was going to occupy my top spot was insanely difficult and could pretty much have gone either way. Comment and let me know what you think!


2 responses to “Top Ten N64 Games- A Shameless Indulgence

  1. Almost the same list as I would give, except I never got into Snowboard kids. I also never got a chance to play DK 64 or Banjo Tooie, though Kazooie was one of my favourites

    • If you haven’t tried either of them (DK64 or Tooie) then I wholly recommend that you do. For me personally, if I had to choose just the one (given that in terms of gameplay they offer similar things) then I would have to say that Tooie has the edge.

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