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Gaming Addiction

Video game addiction: how I’ve missed you. Since the age of seven I spent most of my time hurrying back from school or other such tedious chores to continue another adventure in whatever gaming fix I had at the time. My first gaming experience was Goldeneye on the N64 (a game which lives up to the fame and fondness in people’s memories) and after that my love of games was kindled. So, the majority of my childhood/teen years were probably what most people would see as a textbook case of misspent youth and hardly what most people would describe as productive This may or may not be true but the fact remains that there is a certain pleasure to immersing yourself in a gaming experience; defeating the villain, completing the quest, catching them all. Iconic moments experienced by a whole generation immediately come to mind; stopping the moon from crushing clock town, Joanna Dark’s showdown with the Skedar leader, sneaking through Goldeneye’s Facility, Link opening the doors of time and, of course, choosing between 3 Pokemon in Professor Oak’s lab. However, in the last few years something unexpected happened. Gaming fell by the wayside, lack of time and money contributed to a lack of enthusiasm for the next gen consoles. No longer was I taking the role of a plumber or a bear with a bird in its backpack. I was worried that I had lost forever the total immersion and enthusiasm for games that I once had in such abundance. Happily in recent days three games have come along to rekindle my gaming passion: Pokemon Heart Gold (by no means a new game but one which I somehow missed first time around), Elder Scrolls and Dark Souls. The quality of these three games is outstanding; RPG’s at their finest. The world created in the Elder Scrolls universe is so detailed and compelling that you find yourself completing menial tasks which, in the real world, would be ridiculous but in the context of the game are hugely enjoyable (usually fetching or finding for reasonably ungrateful people). Dark Souls manages to be outstanding in a completely different way; the combat is streamlined and sublime, the world is beautiful and fascinating and the difficulty level is genuinely tough. The first defeated boss really does create a feeling of utter triumph and skill. Similarly, defeating the Elite Four with a band of Pokemon which you have raised from New Bark Town all across Johto to Indigo Plateau is no less compelling after nearly 20 years of Pokemon. Now that my love of games has been re-ignited, suggestions for new games would be appreciated.


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  1. I totally missed this post before. Are you still looking for games to play? I’m not sure how many recommendations I could make about recent games, because I seem to only pick up a couple a year, but video games are one of the biggest obstacles for getting my Warhammer army painted.

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